Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weigh in day ...

I noticed last week that on the 12WBT weigh in day is Wednesday so I thought i'd shift my day from Monday (dumb choice because all the weekend binges end up on the scales) to the correct day. So in the last 9 days I have lost


I'm pretty happy with that given I haven't been following a structured exercise plan (actually I haven't been exercising at all!) but instead have been working on eating better by having meals from Michelle's Crunch Time Cookbook for breakfast and lunch. I am allowed two healthy snacks a day but i've been largely skipping them because my dinners haven't been diet and so i figure will swallow up those calories without even trying. I don't know how many calories I burn in an average day but chasing after 3 kids has got to count for something.

While I am impressed to have lost over a kilo i'm saving my excitement for next week incase this is just a fluctuation and i'm back to my original weight next Wednesday.

I am hopeful to knock off another kilo next week because today my new toy arrived:

My Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor (HRM)!

I only found 30 minutes to use it today and I just love being able to check how hard I'm working and push myself to go harder. It was disappointing to check after my work out and find that only 4 minutes of my 36 minute work out was working "in the zone" but its a start. Tomorrow I hope to get up early and do a Wii fit work out wearing it to see how well I do ... I did start a work out this morning (a big effort for me to get out of bed before my girls) but I only managed 15 min before they were screaming to get up ... So I'll look to get out of bed earlier tomorrow.

So now i'm going to make myself a cup of tea (no milk, no sugar) and relax infront of a DVD and do some knitting. I found it worked wonders for me last night and helped me to avoid snacking!

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