Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gearing up

I braved the local mega-plex that I hate yesterday and went to Althlete's Foot to be fitted for new sneakers. I can highly recommend going there early in the day - I went at 9:30am on a Saturday and was the only person in the store. The sales assistant showed me three pairs of shoes and suggested a more supportive inner sole to help with my collapsing arches which feels good. He was really willing to help, and he didn't mind getting me a cheaper shoe to compare to the one that fitted best. I left there feeling like I bought the best possible shoe for my foot. I haven't had a chance to try them out yet but I'm planning to go for a run this afternoon if my husband doesn't mind (its fathers day so a bit steep to leave him with all the jobs around the house).

Oh and in motivation to get running, I've started pulling on my old gym gear in the morning so I'm dressed ready to work out. After all, i'm not leaving the house so there's no one to comment on my appearance. It's also helping me to feel motivated to get outside and do a few laps of the yard (my running option when i'm with the kids). I had forgotten just how many pieces of gym gear I had bought last time I joined up (early 2008) and i'm pleased to report it fits about as well as it did when i was going to the gym regularly- I was going daily but still not getting under 60kg ... this time i'll do it with the better diet!

I've also taken the time this morning to put together a work-out play list on my Ipod so i'm keen to see how that goes in pushing me to work harder.

As for buying work out accessories i'm still divided about what to get. I realised on Friday that the back step to our house would work really well for step ups so I'm thinking i'll try using that for the first few weeks to see if I can get away without buying another thing to clutter up the house. If I do need it i'll get it but I'm going to wait and see a little longer ... although I have decided to get some weights, I think i'll take the 5kg option (out of the 3, 4 or 5kg choice) because I have two very heafty babies I lift regularly so I think I can push myself to lift more than the minimum.

anyway its a lovely (if windy) day so i'm going to get my arse outside and exercise ... assuming I don't get blown away :)

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