Monday, September 6, 2010

Ahh crap! Set back number one

I did what I intended to do this morning. I was determined to get up in time to make my husband a healthy lunch ... and if he had to get up at 5am I would too ... problem was I missed the news from him at midnight that he wasn't needed quite so early. I still woke with every alarm from 5am onwards and barely slept between them because my throat is so sore that swallowing saliva hurts. I did end up getting up around 6:30am and making his lunch, but then climbed back into bed ... an early morning workout was not on the cards today.

So i'm sick. Aside from the last two weeks of pre-season I feel like I have been sick all winter, one cold after another after another. At first I thought it was the kids passing germs around but when we were home for two weeks at one stage we didn't improve. It clicked with me then that its the house thats making us sick. I know it sounds like an excuse but we have a mould problem here ... not a little one but a severe infestation that had me cleaning the walls behind pieces of furniture because the mould had gone unchecked and was now three dimensional. So I did a lot of cleaning and a lot of clearing out the house and airing it every day but i've gotten slack recently. I need to do another round of cleaning before the twelve weeks start or I won't be good for anything.

I have been good with my eating, and pulled myself out of bed to cook three meals today from the crunch time cookbook.

Now to take myself back to bed so I can get better and enjoy my new pair of sneakers!

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