Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pre season gear up

Ok so i've been waiting to see what Michelle was going to tell us to go out and get for the 12WBT, but now that I know i'm trying to talk myself out of spending the money. The stupid thing is I have two of the things on the 'optional' list but am telling myself I don't need to buy things on the 'needs' list.

Let me explain. In our family I'm the one who monitors the spending and pays off the master card. I go through stages of actively doing this and stages of letting it slide and we've been on a slide for a little while now. We plan to move just before Christmas so I need to cut spending and budget for that but I keep telling myself i'll just get one more thing. As part of the moving issue i'm trying to cut down on what we're moving by selling off and getting rid of things we don't use. While I know I will 'use' the fitness equipment Michelle suggests,
i'm concerned that come January it will be another few things to take up space and be unused. I do have a Wii fit balance board complete with step add on and I have a set of 1kg wii dumbbells, so I have a little voice telling me "they'll do"

But why am I selling myself short before the program even starts? Why am I stuck on this particular excuse? I did have a portable step and some weights before that I borrowed from my Mum, I would borrow them back but I don't know if she still has them and she does live interstate.

I want to make this a non-issue by buying the weights and the portable step tonight online but I want to go out and buy new sneakers on the weekend and I'm concerned my husband will inforce a limit if I spend more money this week ... after all I did just buy a heart rate monitor ... maybe I could wait until after pay day ... or I could pay for it on paypal with the money from things i've sold ... hmm ... either way it might be polite to check with my husband first :)

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