Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This shouldn't be hard!

To diarise that is ... but it is.

Let me explain myself. I am an organised person, I love getting things in order, clearing things out, sorting, making new systems, making lists, ticking things off. So you would think "mark it in your diary" would be easy ... the problem is I don't have a diary but rather two caledars neither of which quite fit.

I have the normal wall calendar with birthdays and events on it but there isn't enough room to cram in work outs and shopping trips. My other calendar is a spreadsheet with the whole year on a page, it holds all the information I am keeping track of, so the running balances to three different bank accounts, the calories i'm eating, the calories i'm burning the net loss of calories, how many days old my twins are (i'm counting up as to how many day's i've made it through) and a column for when visitors are coming to stay, and reminders of when to do things and people's birthdays. So trying to expand that to fit 'when' i'm doing things in a day was asking too much.

So I needed a diary before I could 'diarise', but the reason I don't have a diary is because my daily routine only varies slightly each day and is the same week by week. So I decided to revise the daily schedule I had made for the fridge when the twins were younger and I needed to track who fed last and when.

I'm pretty happy with what i've come up with. I've taken quite a few of those free promotional magnets you get in the post and coloured them black and cut them into windows, so now I print off the names of the meals i'm cooking for the week and I can stick them on the fridge next to the day and meal i'll be cooking them for. I've also used my label maker to make basic magnets for my workout types and the places I regularly take the kids in a week. I'm planning to make more magnets for shopping types (fruit & veg and supermarket) and i'm sure there will be more revisions as time goes on but for now here is version 1 :

I will admit its not a beautiful thing, but its on the fridge so I can't be too fussy ... and as you can tell by the side of the fridge, its an improvement on what was there :)

My plan is also to use a whiteboard marker to add any unusual activity for the week - like husband working late, or a visitor or birthday ... this is just a boring week though so no marker aside from the date.

So after two days of pondering how to diarise I feel I have a working system. I honestly didn't think it would take me this long, that i'd just scribble a few dates on the calendar and be done with it ... now to ponder the mini & major milestones some more ... what can I do that I would feel proud of ... ahh thats going to take me a little longer to nut out.

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