Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A change of perspective

I really need a change of perspective this morning, its a dreary day today and i'm seeing the glass as half empty so in an effort to re-calibrate I'm going to list what I have:

I have shed 500g this week

I have shed a total of 3 kilos since starting pre season

I am 36% of the way towards my ultimate goal and the season hasn't started yet

I am 400g away from being in the 50's

I have a healthy BMI of 24.5

I am starting to feel my jeans hanging off me slightly

I have been up at 6am the last two mornings to exercise ( and 6:30am the morning before)

I have been having early nights to give myself 8 hours of sleep to face the day (I had been living on 5 or 6 hours)

I have been making low calorie meals for myself and my husband for the last three weeks

I have helped my husband lose weight and reach a BMI of 22.6 (71.5kg)

I have three beautiful girls who make me smile

I am starting to feel the changes in my body

The main reason i've been a bit gloomy today is that when I hopped on the scales this morning I really had hoped to make it into the 50's ... but losing another whole kilo in a week when i'm so close to my goals is not realistic. I had set myself a challenge to be under 60 kilos by kick off ... the good news is kick off isn't for another 5 days so if I pull my finger out I can still make it!

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  1. 500 grams is a great loss congrats :-) but i know what it is like to have that hope of more