Monday, September 20, 2010

Calorie burning

I've been a little concerned reading on the forums about burning 500 calories a day - I am in serious doubt that I can do that in the time I have available to exercise each day.

I've been exercising more over the past week, getting up every morning to work out in the back yard before the day starts. I give myself an hour but without a program by the time I get dressed and organised and then stretch at the end I find i've only been doing about 25 minutes a day ... so it shouldn't surprise me when I burn between 140-190 calories a day. The pessimist voice in me says thats all I can do, and i've been believing her ... I don't know how she got a say but she did.

Yesterday, Day 1 I set out to follow the advanced program to challenge myself, but I knew my husband had to leave early for work so I was aware i'd likely have to do all of the morning routine with the kids myself. So I did my warm up, ran my time trial 1km and then came in to get a tissue and realised he'd got the girls up a good 30 min early. So as I was doing the main part of my work out I was aware they were in side needing to be changed and fed ... so surprise, surprise the work out was cut short and I burnt a total of 168 calories.

Today, Day 2 I agan set out to follow the advanced program but added in my re-run of the 1km time trial because I hadn't recorded the time right the day before. My husband had to be at work by 7am so he left just as I started. I did the whole of the main routine and the 1km run then I realised it was 7am and came to check on the kids. Only one was awake so after some quick stretches I got her up and she was happy to let me do my ab work ... I kept going until my eldest woke up 15 min later and then I got breakfast (all the time my HRM still registering I was around 95-110) I turned the monitor off when I stopped flitting between jobs and found that in 1hr 20 min I'd burnt 463 calories.

Now the difference between these days tells me that I need to:

a) set the alarm 15 min earlier to give me some getting ready time before my 1 hr work out

b) stick to the whole workout and not cut corners because kids are waking up

c) have a talk with my husband about not getting the kids up before 7am unless he can sit with them

I'm feeling pretty stoked I burnt 463 calories this morning ... now to push myself to hit the 500 mark!


  1. Wow JB - I completely get where you are coming from. I am blessed with children that don't wake up before 9.00am most mornings unless I go and physically shake them up so have been able to do my DVD's in relative peace. However, on the days they do get up they are so distracting that I just give up and wait for another moment without them. I think your 3 prong approach is a great way to achieving a fuller workout in the mornings.

    I would love to know how many calories I am burning. I do have a HRM somewhere in the house - lol - just have to find it under all the junk!

    Have a great week.

  2. I remember those days Margaret - My eldest used to let me sleep until 9am sometimes even 10am ... but that was before her sisters arrived. Now I really can't believe i'm choosing to get up before 6am to exercise!

    Good luck finding your HRM - I love knowing how much i've pushed myself and when i've been slacking off :)

    I hope you've had a good week,

  3. As you get fitter you will burn calories way faster and you will workout out what exercise burns the calories faster for you and work harder at it. Hope that makes sense. lol. I can burn over 1000 in an hour now and hope that I can get it down to 45mins but I have been doing this for 17 weeks now. Good luck you can do it you are in the right head space and you have your goals set. Well done for not hitting the bottle. Such a great start keep up the great work.