Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My pre-season challenge to myself

Like a lot of us in here i've caught my inner voice saying "oh you can't ..." about the 12WBT so i'm doing the best I can to motivate myself to start NOW not in 12 days time.

I weighed in on day one of preseason and then realised Mich has us weigh in on wednesday so I weighed in 9 days later. I noticed a 1.2kg loss in that time but rather than shout it out loud that my exercise and diet changes had done this I told myself "oh it must be a fault with the scales - I'll believe it if i'm still this weight next week"

well a week later and i'm not the same weight ... i'm another 1.3kg lighter ... so i've lost 2.5kg so far in preseason!

My goal for the 12 weeks was to lose 5 kilos and tone up ... my goal for pre season is to lose another 0.9kg by the 20th of September and be under 60 kilos for the first time in a decade!

I think I need to rethink my 12 week goal :)

Thankyou so much Michelle for the crunch time cook book that i'm making all my meals from (and not finding any need to snack!) and thankyou for the 12WBT and the support so i can realise that having a healthy weight IS possible for me!

Now to spend some energy wishing my husband and I are well enough by the weekend so I can make the training day in Sydney!

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