Monday, September 20, 2010

Things are changing

I've started to notice my body is changing. I know its day 2 of the program so it seems a bit 'soon' for some but I joined up on day 1 of pre-season so to me its actually week 5.

The first change I noticed was when I went to take my before photo - my arse isn't as big as I remember, in fact I have an old "before" photo from 2008 when I was 10 kilos heavier ... and my arse is A LOT larger there!

The second change I noticed was my pants are feeling looser, in fact when I was running last week I had to tie up the draw-string on my track pants because they were falling off. I remember putting these pants on a few months after having the twins and they were skin tight! I thought the pants could have stretched with age but i've started to notice my jeans are looser too ... I can pull them out from my waist about 3cm and they're feeling loose around the top of my legs too!

The third change I have noticed is my chin is more defined. I have always seemed to carry a bit of extra weight under my jaw, not enough for a second chin (unless my head is tilted down) but there isn't a lot of definition between my head and neck. It hasn't all vanished but i'd say its almost halved itself.

and the best bit of all - my husband has noticed and commented on the changes without me having to say anything. He also thinks my fingers have slimmed down but I haven't noticed that myself.

So here's hoping the scales have noticed and I have another week of weight loss, I know being close to a weight i'm happy with that my numbers will start to slow down at some point ... I just hope its next week, and I will probably say that next week too!

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