Saturday, September 11, 2010

I did it!

Ok so it feels a bit silly to be proclaiming "I did it" already but I've had a good day.

Last Saturday when I bought my new sneakers I was determined to go for a run, but after 10 minutes I came home out of breath - a cold was on its way (and it was crazy windy here!). Since then I've been sick, I thought it might be more than a sniffle so I went to the doctors and was given not one but two scripts for my sinus infection and while this stuff is apparently the best and strongest treatment i'm going to need the second dose because I am still using Sudafed PE with anti inflamatories to get through the day (i'm at maximum dose). I can tell its not just a sinus infection because my lungs ache at times too.

So i've been feeling bummed out I can't train (heck i'm having trouble breathing at times) but i've been really good with my eating and making sure I get up and make healthy low calorie meals. My aim was to nurse myself through and 'hopefully' be well enough to make Michelle's training session today ... and I DID IT!

I made it out the door, I remembered water and a towel, I packed a healthy lunch for post work out nibbles and I got there with plenty of time to spare.

I'm also pleased to say I ran the 1km time trial in 5min 55sec - not bad for someone who's not been training well or even breathing well for the last week!

I'm also stoked to notice that in the work out I burnt 512 cal, and on the walks there and back (I went in by train so I power walked a bit) I burnt another 100 cal each way ... So my effort for getting out of the house has definately been rewarded.

It was really great to meet Michelle and her team and to work out on such a lovely day. I have taken a lot away from the running training, the strength work and the cardio work. Everything we did I felt I can get up tomorrow and do in my own backyard with no hassles.

At this stage I'm not feeling too sore - worn out, but not sore. I'll be interested tomorrow to see what's hurting.


  1. Hey JB it was a great day wasn't it I have no idea how many cals I burnt but I would say it would be a few.... how are you feeling today? my upper body is soooo sore from the push ups etc. I feel the same about all of it been stuff we can do in our own backyards was thinking of doing it today but I might do it tomorrow instead LOL.

    Caitie :)

  2. Wow awesome effort. You have done so well!!

  3. I wasn't feeling nearly as sore afterwards as I thought I would be ... I could still walk :) ... I'll definately have to work harder next time