Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A good sign

We had our first diet hurdle to overcome today. I have the whole week worked out with meal plans and bought everything we needed a few days back. The problem is I didn't realise how many of this week's dinners required 4 handfuls of salad greens on the side ... so I realised last night just as the fruit & veg shop would have been shutting that we were going to be out of salad today for lunch ... making a wrap that calls for lettuce without lettuce leaves it a little lean.

So how did I overcome this? Did I drag all three kids to the shops today (chaos) no instead I decided to have pizza for lunch ... a blow out you say? no I made us the tomato, basil & anchovie pizza from the crunch time cook book - 309 cal! I should have had some salad on the side so i'll have the salad as a snack when the fruit & veg order arrives this afternoon.

So I'm taking my ability to swap and change and find a healthy alternative as a sign that my diet choices are changing for the better!

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