Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Areas to improve on

I've been thinking about how I feel in my skin over the last few days and have come up with some areas I want to improve on. Don't get me wrong I would like to tone up all over but I have three areas that need to be improved for flexibility and feeling good in my skin.

Firstly my lower back - I don't have an injury but it feels like everything below my waist is fused together and I would really like to feel some flexibility in there.

Secondly my butt - I know everyone wants to lose a little weight from their arse but since having kids my pelvis has noticably tilted forwards which throws my butt out and probably doesn't help my back. I'm trying to correct my posture but when I do it feels like there is too much flesh on my arse and thighs for me to easily (without tensing up) stand in a neutral spine position.

Thirdly my knees - Once again no injuries here but they are SO stiff! I can bend them and squat but because they're stiff I tend to bend from my waist (big no-no I know) to do things which again is probably not helping my lower back.

I haven't worked out an action plan or anything to target these areas yet but identifying them is a start - especially as it seems they all relate to my back.

In good news - I exercised today! I did a full 5 minutes before Mum duties pulled me away ... tomorrow i'll aim for 10 :)

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