Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No more excuses Missy!

I found time this morning to do my pre-season home work and I was amazed at how many of my excuses are the same sort of thing. I don't have time, It won't work, It's too hard ... you know the same ones everyone has. What I was amazed about is how easy it was to form a rebuttal to each and every one. I really feel Michelle's program is helping to inspire me and helping me to complete the preseason work. I was so impressed with how well it came together I have it printed up so i can read it now. I'm loving the use of colour and bold i put on it so I can catch the main points in an instant.

I have also found myself doubting my decision to join the 12WBT team a few times because I don't have huge amounts of weight to lose. My first three excuses in my preseason home work are based on the fact I only want to lose around 5kg and I wonder whether I really needed to sign up or whether I could go it alone. It was during this doubt that I found the SkinnyFat Club in the forum and saw a group of women in the same boat as me. I realise now that I have no real excuses.

I'm also having a really positive day, I am aware of diving into exercise and diet changes too quickly but I wanted to start eating better so i picked up a copy of the Crunch Time Cookbook. Today I have made myself breakfast and lunch out of the book and I am happily full and simply amazed at how good it tastes. This is the program I want to be on - eating good tasting food that is good for you!

Now i better get started on making dinner ...

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