Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ok so I need to work on my will power ...

I don't quite know where things went wrong over the weekend, I have a fridge full of healthy food but yet I've eaten crap twice.

On Saturday night I told myself:
"We have a nice date night ahead of us - free tickets to a 'La Premiere' movie ... it would be a shame not to indulge a little"
And sure enough I shared a bottle of red wine with my husband (30/60 split I drank less), shared a single serve vanilla white chocolate icecream and a lindt dessert tasting platter and topped it all off with a latte ... Ok so I passed on the popcorn but I could have passed on all of it and still enjoyed the movie and the ambience.

And today we were out a friends child's baptism:
"Oh those wraps and burgers look so good ... I'll have the meat, other meat, onions, cheese, barbeque sauce, token salad and lashings of sour cream ... don't forget to grab two handfuls of chips too" 
and then I went back and grabbed a burger too ... I could easily have made myself a very lean wrap with what was at hand ... but no I was pulled right in there ... Oh and the two glasses of white wine weren't needed at all!

Looking at the positives here:
1) Its good to know now that I have a will power issue when I'm out of the house
2) I didn't realise I was rewarding myself with food and wine so this is something I need to change
3) At least I ate healthy for three meals over the weekend ... I did skip dinner tonight but after my binge at lunch it was purely because I wasn't hungry!

With that off my chest I'm going to turn in for the night.

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