Friday, August 27, 2010

Where did all this energy come from?

Ok, so I'm on day two of eating Michelle's recipes from the Crunch Time Cookbook and I am amazed at how much more energy I have already, and how I'm not feeling snacky. I'm also not chasing 'another' cup of coffee like I was before.

Sure its nice to sit down in the morning with a cup when I've got the babies down for their sleep (also the time I tend to eat my breakfast), but i was drinking upwards of 5 cups of instant coffee a day ... I know its not good for me but managing three kids under three my milky-sugary-caffine hit was my reward - and I needed rewarding frequently!

I have already taken the step of removing the sugar from my coffee which has lessened the appeal, and now I'm cutting back on the number of cups I drink in a day. So i guess my goal by the start of the season is to cut out the daily coffee and replace it with something caffine free. I'm hopeful that with all this extra energy I have from just eating well that I won't even notice its gone ... or is that wishful thinking? ... I know I can expect withdrawl headaches but I'm hoping to avoid the energy slump.

Another thing that has really given me a boost is I have been sharing the food i've prepared with my husband and he is really appreciating it. He is always supportive of things I do, but I was expecting him to complain about serving sizes or just have a gentle dig at being put on a diet by me. Instead he's finding the breakfast a little too much of a serving for him and he's actively thanking me for making him lunch! It will be interesting to see whether he continues to appreciate the food or if he finds he needs more calories. It would be great if he's happy to keep taking the food I prepare in with him because he works in the city and buying his lunch every day is an expensive option.

As I found today, the fruit and veg shopping is now a lot more expensive than it was. I have been buying a lot of fruit and vegetables to feed to the twins, but adding all the fresh produce for my husband and myself has more than doubled my bill. Overall I don't think I'm actually spending any more money than i used to, I'm just spending much more of it at the fruit and veg shop rather than in Coles. Given my increased energy levels I'm thinking it's money well spent!

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