Sunday, November 21, 2010

Measure of success

I've been shopping twice over the last week while my Mum has been staying with us. Its my birthday soon and I have a wedding to attend two days later so I could really do with some nice dresses to wear on these occasions. We've been to quite a few shops and I am pleased to say I have tried on quite a few size 10 dresses ... and they've all done up, and a lot of them looked good. I was looking for 'sensational' rather than just 'good' and I have come away with two dresses complete with matching accessories that make me look like the woman I want to be - young and sexy!

I also hopped on the scales on wednesday for my 'proper' weigh in and found I had lost weight - down 2kgs from the morning before ... I didn't trust it so I repeated the weigh in and got the same result. That tells me that I lost 1.1kg for the week (ignorning tuesdays weigh in) bringing me to 53.8kg. I don't know if I can trust this weight but I am trying to not put as much emphasis on the numbers so if i've gained 2kg this week I will blame wednesday's incorrect reading. I also stumbled across my last weigh in before my weight loss journey began - it was the last time I visited Adelaide and saw most of my friends and I weighed 67.7kg. In six months I have lost 13.9kgs and 20.5% of my body weight. I've gone from a size 14 down to a comfortable 10 and I am getting a lot of compliments on my effort.

Now i'm facing the challenge of the last two weeks until we move ... I am pleased to say the cleaning is coming along well and I hope to finish all the blinds by mid week. Soon i am going to have to pack the last of my kitchen supplies and work on eating things that don't require a lot of tools to prepare - i'm not looking forward to that!

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