Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm done

I know it sounds like I quit but its not that, I've decided I graduate today from the 12 week challenge. Ok so i've only been on it for 11 of those weeks and I haven't been 100% commited for the last two weeks or so, but I feel I have earnt the right to graduate and move on.

I weighed in for the last time this morning (as i'll be packing the scales later today) and in my final week I have lost 600g to bring me 800g under my goal. I am very happy with that because with packing my eating has been reliant on whats in the cupboard and what needs to be used up. We also had pizza and wine for dinner one night this week and I am pleased to report that rather than taking up the 3 pizza's for $30 offer my husband and I ate just one between us.

So my plans from here, I will weigh-in in two weeks time when I am in my new home and settled. I aim to eat 12WBT type meals as much as possible in these two weeks but I forgive myself if I take the easy take-away option. I will continue to check in and weigh-in every wednesday to make sure i'm in my healthy range, and in the new year I will work on my fitness to get myself running regularly and 100% happy with my stomach (i'm about 75% now).

So THANKYOU Michelle for your program, for making it accessible and creating the online support community that makes all the difference. I won't be back next round but thats because I don't need to. I might be sending some friends though :)

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