Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Whats wrong with me?

I'm not well at the moment ... I slept funny on my arm a week ago and its got worse and worse and today I have aches all over and hot and cold flushes. I don't know if i've been eating too low (i haven't been strictly counting calories, just eating from the menu and snacking when I feel like it) and have exhausted myself or if i've caught a flu or something. I have a bit of a tender throat but its all over aches (esp the head). I had to call my husband home from work an hour earlier today because I wasn't coping with the kids. My three year old has noticed i'm distracted and has been acting up to get my attention - mainly with her toilet use (or lack of).

Oh well i'll go back to bed ... i slept for 4 hours when he got home ... so i'm hoping a little more sleep will help.

In good news at my 4 week weigh in I lost another 400g to bring my total to 6 kilo since the start of preseason and 3 kilos in season 3. I also lost 15.5cm across my measurements despite my thighs staying the same or adding 5mm.

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