Saturday, October 2, 2010

My first red flag

The first of three red flag days is upon me. Tomorrow my little girl turns 3 and I can no longer say "I have three kids under the age of three". We're planning on going to the zoo [weather permitting] as a family and we have 14 cupcakes with 'HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY' written across them. So given I know I can avoid eating any cupcakes I don't expect a huge diet blow out from her Birthday. However, we have my Mother-in-law staying with us to celebrate my daughters birthday and i'm finding i'm not as 'good' with exercise and saying 'no' to glasses of red wine and cups of coffee as I should be while she's here. I am cooking the 12WBT menu and impressing my Mother-in-law with how tasty good food can be, but I should be being better with the drinks.

I am also searching for more patience to show my Mother-in-law. I know she has the best of intentions and asks questions to make sure she doesn't put a foot wrong, but I spend most of my days with my girls as my only companions so I am not used to fielding question after question after question ... its draining enough dealing with three little ones wanting my attention, but to be explaining or defending everything we do ... well, I just need more patience :) One of my problems in the past has been rewarding myself with alcohol and coffee and I'm finding myself doing it while she's here.

So tomorrow I celebrate my little one turing three and on Monday I will be back on track, I will do my exercise and I will drink more water and less caffine - I can't do more than that!

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