Saturday, October 9, 2010

Out of my shell

I have been feeling my clothes getting looser on me but i'm holding out on buying new clothes, or at least I was holding out until yesterday. I bought my first pair of size 10 pants in a while and it feels good to have some pants that fit, look nice and don't need a belt. I wasn't going to buy anything but I went shopping in my smallest pants and while they didn't need a belt to stay up I felt like they were swimming on me. Not only was the waist band an inch or so too large but the pants were large all over, my bra was at least a cup size too big and my jacket and t-shirt were hanging off me. I felt like a little shrivelled nut in its shell ... I would have thought wearing clothes a size too big would be a nice feeling but it wasn't. So I picked up a cheap pair of pants and changed in the toilets - and boy did that make me feel better. Taking the jacket off and wearing the new pants made me feel like the fit and energised new person I am - rather than the worn out and withered old me.

This evening I went through my pants drawers trying to find some more smaller sized trousers for me to wear. I didn't have any success with trousers but I did find one pair of short shorts that might still fit me when I've finished the 12 weeks and I found my fat trousers ... you know the pair you hold on to for the days when nothing fits ... I held them up and they are the making of a great after photo ... so I have one reason for holding on to them ... because I am definately not wearing them again!

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