Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just numbers

I am struggling to accept the result on my scales this morning. They're telling me good news but I don't know whether to believe them or not. Over the past week I haven't been following the exercise program, I have had 5 mornings off in a row and this morning I only did a 15 minute session. No I haven't been sick I just haven't been motivated. My lack of motivation has come from having a house guest and daylight savings changing how light it is at 6am.

But I have been following the menu, with the exception of two meals out - one was a salad and one was a wrap so not binges by any stretch of the imagination. I haven't been eating many snacks although I have been filling some of the calories with skim lattes and instant coffees. My clothes are also loose on me so I know I am slimming down.

I did do two things this week that might explain a loss on the scales - firstly we took the kids to Taronga Zoo on Monday which involved a lot of walking and lifting my 3 year old to see different animals. I did do a bit of pushing the twin pram up hill but that was mainly my husbands role for the day (and pushing a 30 kilo pram with two 10 kilo kids in it plus bags is a workout!). The second things that might explain my loss is that my heaviest twin (11 kilos of muscle) has been a real Mummy's Girl, wanting to be held and cuddled and always within view of me. This has meant a lot of lifting and a lot of distraction from snacks.

Still I didn't expect to see a 1.4kg loss today, I am now down to 57.7kg ... definately the lightest i've been in 10 years (which is scary to say when you're not yet 30!). I spent so long in the mid 60's that I had told myself I could do nothing about my bum, that I just wasn't the right build to fit into skinny jeans ... now I'm telling myself I need new jeans (which I do) because I don't have enough bum to fill these ones anymore :)

I don't know if I will stay this weight or if some of my 1.4kg loss will be back on next week, but that's next weeks hurdle to cross. For now I'll focus on being that bit closer to my goal. I am already 5 kilos lighter than when I first changed my diet, and while I would love to lose the next 2.7 kilos to get to an even 55 kilos my aim now is to tone up my stomach so I can look awesome in a swimsuit on my 30th in December!

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